Fertile Ground is Underway!

Those of us on the Drammy Committee love this time of year: Fertile Ground–A City-Wide Festival of New Works is underway! Nicole Lane and her team have put together another fantastic festival. There are some fully-staged Fertile Ground works that are eligible for Drammy Awards (to find out more about eligibility click here), but we also love to […]

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A Drammy reminder to Playwrights!

Playwrights! We are heading into the holiday weekend, so you have time on your hands, right? Right! So, you know, WRITE, already, you wrights, while others play! Make fireworks of your OWN! You know you want to!  What is more, our mother-organization, Portland Civic Theatre Guild, wants to HELP you! Here’s what she says: “Do you […]

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Drammy Awards loves Fertile Ground!

Something’s coming, something good! Yes, ladies and gentlemen! For yet another reason, we are lucky to live in Portland!  While other cities experience January and February as months where the ground seems dead and the breath feels heavy, here the air is full of the promise of spring, of new life, of richness, of artful […]

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