“The First Annual Retroactive 35th and Concurrent 36th Annual Drammy Awards.” Do we dare? Do we dare?

    Well, yesterday’s confession of mathematical inadequacy certainly led to a fun-filled discussion on Facebook (you can see it here), along with several splendid suggestions as to how we might cover the fact that we seem to have missed a year, or jumped a year, or simply mislabeled our years, over here at Drammy […]

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Bring out your awards!

Sorry, lovely people. Turns out we have just ONE more plea (for now!). We would love to gather together all forms of awards that have been given by the Drammys (or Willies) over the years for a photo shoot. We don’t want ALL awards, nor even an award for every year (though that would be […]

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A few Drammy pleas!

And so the Fall Season is upon us (though there has been so much summer theatre, both indoors and outdoors, it’s hard to tell where an old season ends and a new one begins)! So today, a few pleas: 1. PLEASE like our Drammy Awards Facebook page! You can find us at http://tinyurl.com/la9er8f I know  it […]

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Jack’s photo

And now…although we will carry him forever in our hearts…. the wonderful Celebration of Life for our dear friend and colleague Jack Featheringill has come and gone. What a joyous time, really, it was.   Such a treat to see all his old playbills, newspaper cuttings, and photographs, and even more, to hear his voice […]

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Remembering legends

It feels so odd, so mysteriously strange and almost bittersweet, to read, sadly, of the death of the wonderful Julie Harris, and to remember, on the eve of his Celebration of Life,  this photograph of her that she sent to our beloved Jack Featheringill. This is what she wrote: “To Jack – who kept me […]

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Celebrating a Life together

We hope you will join us two weeks from tonight as we celebrate the amazing life of our beloved late friend and Drammy Committee member Jack Featheringill. Please come to Portland Center Stage with us at 7 P.M. on Monday, August 26, 2013 (doors will open around 6.30). We look forward to seeing you there, […]

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