Drammy Ceremony 2019-2020 Update

Dear friends, colleagues, and chosen family,

The Drammy Committee is sorry to say that we’ve decided to cancel this year’s Drammy ceremony altogether. While it was one thing to carve out a moment of reminiscence and celebration during a global pandemic, the recent critical surge of energy for racial justice shrinks every other endeavor and demands our full attention. While we in no way intend to diminish the triumphs and efforts of our truncated theatre season, it is hard to imagine the right chord to strike for such a gathering at this time. We wish we could be in a room together – we miss gathering together and we miss all of you, even those of you we don’t know.

Our plan is to announce the nominees via the Drammy website and social media channels on the evening of Wednesday, June 24th. That following Saturday, June 27th at 7pm, we will announce this year’s Drammy recipients.

While there will be no official ceremony this year, we are excited to share our finalists and award recipients with you digitally. I am extremely proud of the Committee’s work. Our conversations were full of passion, enthusiasm, and awe, and while there will always be truly excellent work that we fail to recognize, I can say with confidence that the work we are recognizing is truly outstanding and inspiring.

Tamara Carroll
Drammy Committee Chair
A Program of the Portland Area Theatre Alliance

Committee Members:
Julie Accuardi
Roy Arauz
Tamara Carroll
Joy Church
Charmian Creagle
Chris Gonzalez
Jenn Hunter
Shareen Jacobs
Connery MacRae
Matthew Miller
Tom Mounsey
Conner Reed
Devon Roberts
Brian Shnipper
Jennie Spector
Samson Syharath

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