A Shift to More Inclusive Awards for Acting

The Drammy Committee is excited to share a new development in our policies. After much thoughtful discussion and research, the Drammy Committee has reached the decision to eliminate gender designations from our awards categories. We will no longer present awards for “actor” and “actress,” and will instead present awards in the following categories:

Best Lead Actor in a Play
Best Supporting Actor in a Play
Best Lead Actor in a Musical
Best Supporting Actor in a Musical

We will present two awards from a pool of eight finalists in each of these categories. Therefore, the number of individuals recognized and celebrated for acting will remain the same as it has since we first implemented the finalists system (two per category). The categories of “Solo Performance” and “Young Performer” will remain the same.

The Drammy Committee is proud to embrace this change as part of our ongoing efforts to be more inclusive to all members of our community, both in language and practice. We remain committed to serving and celebrating our community, elevating its work and its members, and contributing to a more just, inclusive, equitable society.
We move towards this goal with determination, but also with the humility and openness to listen and learn.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at drammyawards@gmail.com


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