Are You Ready?!! Drammy Day Info

A few notes to make tomorrow night fun and fabulous:

  • How to keep the lines at the bar short: Bring one’s and five’s! The bartenders are unable to accept charge cards. While there is an atm downstairs, if you bring one’s and five’s for the bar the bartenders will be able to work at lightning speed.
  • Where to park: You can park on the street or in any of the nearby PSU parking lots. Better still, take publice transportation!
  • What to eat: There are loads of inexpensive food options within a few blocks.  From the food carts at 4th between Hall and College to McMenamin’s at 10th and Market you can find food and groceries of any type desired. There will no food available for purchase at the venue.
  • Where exactly is the Ballroom:  In PSU’s Smith Memorial Student Hall building at 1825 SW Broadway.  Use any entrance and head to the west side of the 3rd floor.
  • Coming straight from work and need a place to change clothes:  There are loads of spacious bathrooms in this building, and on the 3rd floor. By all means — glamorize!
  • What time should I arrive: We’ll have music and a cash bar up and going at 6pm. Come early to socialize before the 7pm curtain!  We’d love to see you!
  • How long does the party last: After the ceremony, the bar serves until 9:30 and the party and music continue to 10pm.

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