Add your voice to the Drammy Committee!

Now accepting nominations till January 21st, 2017

Nominations will be voted on by the theatre community! You may nominate yourself or someone else in the community. The nominees must submit a short bio (150 words or less) and answers to the following questions:

Why do you want to be on Drammy Committee? (150 words or less)

1.  When you see a show that strikes you as well-done, what particular elements are most likely to have got you to that opinion?

2.  Is there a particular genre or style of theatre that you are particularly drawn to?  Why?

3.  The Portland theatre community is a small one, in which many of us know each other socially and/or professionally. How do you think you would be able to maintain objectivity when discussing elements of production/performance?

We will publish your answers along with your bio for the community to read and vote on. 

Voting will begin Sunday 1/29/2017 right here on the Drammy website.

Send your answers to

Place in the subject line of your email: Drammy Committee Nomination

If we get your nominations/answers past the 21st, you will not be included in the voting- No exceptions.

Who will be our next Drammy Committee member?

Will it be you?

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