2016-2017 Drammy Committee Members

We are pleased to announce the membership of the 2016-2017 Drammy Committee. While we are sorry to lose Nicole Gladwin and Jennifer Keltner, we are so pleased that Tamara Carroll and Tal Sanders will be joining us!

Theatre companies: Please share the names below with your box office staff and/or your designated Drammy contact. (Please let us know if your designated Drammy contact has changed and we’ll update our records.)

Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us. We’ll see you at this year’s ceremony, coming up in just two weeks on June 27th at the Newmark Theatre!

2016-2017 Drammy Committee 

Julie Accuardi
Lava Alapai
Bobby Bermea
Tamara Carroll
Adair Chappell
Charmian Creagle
Darr Durham
Michael Foster
Glenn Gauer
Brenda Hubbard
Marty Hughley
Anna Johnson
Paige Jones
Tal Sanders
Rich Wattenberg
Matthew B. Zrebski

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