A Request for 2015-2016 Drammy-Eligible Production Photos

Artistic Directors! Executive Directors! Company managers! Marketing Directors! Keepers of theatre archives! Friends of all of the above!
We have already begun work on this year’s Drammy Awards ceremony and to that end we are asking all of you who manage, run, own, or are otherwise directly or indirectly involved with a Portland theatre company or its archives to please begin sending us production photographs for our pre-ceremony slide-show. We would like to represent all eligible productions during the slide show.

  • Please send only one photo per Drammy-eligible production (no links, please—we can’t select a photo for you) to drammyawards@gmail.com.
  • Please include the title of the show, the producing company’s name, and the photographer credit (we can’t use the photo without proper attribution).
  • High-resolution format jpeg (1-5 MB maximum) preferred.

If you are unsure as to which productions to include, remember that most shows that are locally produced and have a minimum of 9 performances (not counting previews) in a single run are probably eligible. We have posted lists of productions for each period so far via the news feed of our website and will post after the final two periods of the season, as well. Shows that run through May 29, 2016 are considered part of this season.

Please email us at drammyawards@gmail.com with any questions. Thank you for your help. We look forward to celebrating with you on June 27th at the Newmark.

One thought on “A Request for 2015-2016 Drammy-Eligible Production Photos

  1. Congratulations on asking for the credits of us photographers, because most of the time we are not recognized for our work, we live in anonymity.
    Thank you for helping us to be recognized.

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