Drammy Awards: What a night! Thank you EVERYONE!



What a night that was! Best Drammy Awards Celebration ever, in my experience!

I can’t even begin to sum up the highlights, for me. There were so many.

Was it MC Dan Murphy, who must have changed costume about 17 times (into costumes from various nominated shows)? Hilarious. Wow! That man can communicate so much with just a raised eyebrow. I can’t pick a winner, though one memorable moment was when he wore Joe Thiessen’s blue dress from La Cage and complained it wouldn’t do up at the back (“skinny bitch”) etc. He was wonderful. I would like him to come back EVERY YEAR!

And then there was Elisha Henig, the young lad who won for Young Performer (in The Snowstorm) and wowed everyone. He gave a really great speech…yes, obviously preprepared, but brilliantly delivered. “I want to thank (list here)…and my parents, who also wrote this speech.”  “Everybody says how they didn’t expect to win, but I totally did.”  (These are not exact quotes, but you get the idea. Oh, the precocity! I suspect we will all be saying “We knew him when…”)

There was the lovely, talented Kristen Mun, so genuinely emotional about winning the Leslie O. Fulton Fellowship Award, from PCTG. So gratifying to think this grant would make such a difference for her.
Of course we were thrilled for Northwest Children’s Theatre, who really swept for Mary Poppins. But it was also a blast to note that Milagro did extremely well, proving that their  Special Achievement award was for both quantity AND quality, as they now bask in their 31st year.
Lifetime achievement award winner Tobias Andersen gave a really lovely speech, and ended up reminding us of the importance of Unions (a subject close to the heart of THIS writer). “The more we are together, the happier we shall be,” in my humble opinion! And “Best Director of a Play” winner Matt Zrebski rocked the house when he reminded us all of the absolutely vital role played by this town’s amazing stage managers! Yay!
Perhaps the most applause for a single remark was for John Ellingson, who thanked many people, including his husband, and said “I hope that will be the last time such a remark has to be a “statement.””  Yes, indeed!
And (speaking personally again), I was so glad that Rusty Tennant thanked the Drammy Committee for honoring “sustainability in the theater,” after winning his Scenic Design award for a set that was created on a budget of just $275.
I felt the event was SO much better for being in the Newmark. No famous “noise at the back drowning everything out,” as in the Crystal.  We all were able to whoop and holler at the right times, and stay silent when necessary…as when we remembered the good folks we have lost this year, with just a flickering candle flame on the screen above our heads. We miss them all.
And…speaking personally again…I will miss being on the Drammy Committee. Last night was my final shindig as a committee member, at least for now. (The 2015-2016 committee is listed here; the bios page will be updated soon). Just a few bits to tidy up and finish on this website, and then I am just a regular old theatre junky again.  I want to thank everyone for kindness and support. You are…as so many people said last night…the most supportive, loving community imaginable. So I will quote Tobias Andersen as I sign off:
“I cherish you all.”
Thank you.

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