Drammy Awards: TONIGHT!!!!!



Drammy logo black and gold





Oh, we are so excited!

Yes, tonight’s the night! See you all this evening at Portland’5’s wonderful Newmark Theatre for the 37th Annual Drammy Awards Celebration! Entry is free, ticketless, and open to the public! The event will begin at 7 pm; bars etc will be open earlier, from six. There will even be a special Drammy appetizer to chow down on while you wait in anticipation for the ceremony to begin!

Finalists! Please remember to check in early at the check-in desk! We would love to see you or your proxy there between 6.15 and 6.45 pm, so that you can collect your finalist’s certificate, and so that we know you are in the building. And please make sure you are on orchestra level before your category is called, so that…should you win…you can easily walk up to the stage and receive your lovely trophy.

Before ANYTHING gets under way, we want to thank ALL our sponsors (listed on our homepage), including Artslandia, who will be providing the gorgeous program and of course all the red carpet glitz and gloss.

But ESPECIALLY today we want to thank Portland’5 itself, and all the personnel and crew there, for their amazing sponsorship, professionalism, help, and guidance. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Portland’5!  We know that, with your help, this year’s Drammys will be even better than ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


See you tonight!


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