Drammy Awards just got EVEN TASTIER!




Oh my giddy aunt!

As if it were not enough that the DELICIOUS Dan Murphy will play host to the 37th Drammy Awards Celebration at Portland’5’s Newmark Theatre on Monday, 29 June, 2015 (event starts at 7 pm…bars etc open from 6), we can now PROUDLY announce that there will be a…drum roll please!…


dreamed up and served by the clever ArtBar folks!

 This is it, priced at $7 a plate:

Italian Risotto Mushroom Fritters, Fennel Tomato sauce, Beer Cheese sauce

risotto cakes

PLEASE NOTE: These are not the ACTUAL cakes! I stole this picture from the interwebs! Ours will be better!

I confess we have the marvelous Jen Raynak to thank for suggesting we do a special Drammy dish (we all like to dish about the Drammys, no?)…so I hope all you theatre peeps have done your Spotlight Awards voting!

See you on Monday! I will be the one draped in Beer Cheese sauce, okay?

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