Drammy Awards FINALISTS: Check-in instructions! PLEASE READ



(and be on hand when your category comes up!)

WE ARE JUST A WEEK AWAY!  Are you as excited as I am??

FINALISTS! PLEASE check in before we get going on Monday, June 29, at the Newmark Theatre, to receive your lovely Finalists’ certificates AND to let us know you have arrived. Check our home page for the whole list of FINALISTS if you aren’t sure! http://www.drammyawards.org

PLEASE CHECK IN BETWEEN 6.15 and 6.45 PM at the latest.  There will be a desk for check in purposes, which should be easy to see!  IT WILL BE IN THE AREA TO THE LEFT AS ONE EXITS THE ELEVATORS ON ORCHESTRA LEVEL. There will be a card table, manned by a couple of committee members, and possibly sporting balloons (i.e. the table, not the committee members!).


If you are unable to attend in person, PLEASE APPOINT  a proxy to receive your certificate and your (potential) winner’s award and have that PROXY check in for you. If possible, let us know who your proxy is, in advance. 

THEATRES/COMPANIES who are among the finalists (e.g. for Best Production) please also let us know who will be receiving awards/picking up certificates on your behalf. 


Obviously you can sit where you want, be it at Orchestra Level (where the reserved rows are…but there are also plenty of UNRESERVED seats) or in the Gallery. But (especially if you are in the gallery), PLEASE make sure to be on ORCHESTRA LEVEL when your category comes up (or slightly before). After all, you MAY have to march up onto the stage to claim your trophy! And we can’t wait for people to come down all the way from the gallery. So please be available to receive, or to applaud from close by, when your category is announced.

Thank you.

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Drammy Awards FINALISTS: Check-in instructions! PLEASE READ

  1. Hi – I am Drew Harper’s mom and will be his proxy on the Drammy Awards night on the 29th. I will check in and let them know.
    Thank you –
    Robin Harper

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