Drammy Awards: Program Ads to Artslandia, please!

Drammy Awards: Ads for program to artslandia, please!

Once again, artslandia will be producing a spectacular program for the Drammys on Monday, June 29, 2015, in the Newmark Theatre. So if you would like to place an ad, this is the time to do it. You can click on this link for this year’s specs and rates, and all contact details. 

As you see, the phone number to call is 503-922-2110.

The Ad Space Reservation Deadline is 6/12/15.
The Artwork Deadline is 6/17/2014.

ARTWORK REQUIREMENTS: All images provided for ads should be final, color corrected, hi-resolution (300dpi) CMYK files. High-res PDF (preferred), TIF or EPS file type recommended. For more information visit www.artslandia.com.

PLEASE contact artslandia at the phone number given with any questions. We happy band of workers at Drammy Towers won’t know the answers!

See you on June 29th


Finalists will be announced very soon! Watch this space!

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