Drammy Awards: 2014-2015 PRODUCTION PHOTOS PLEASE!


Artistic Directors! Executive Directors! Company managers! Marketing honchos! Keepers of theatre archives! Friends of the above!


We have already sent this plea to our full subscriber list, MOST (if not all) members of which belong in one of the above categories. If you have not received it, please join our email list (the link is on this page and every page) and you will be first with all future announcements.

We have already begun work on this year’s Drammy Awards ceremony and to that end we are asking all of you who manage, run, own, or are otherwise directly or indirectly involved with a Portland theatre company or its archives (or have a friend who is thus involved and needs prompting!) to start sending us production photographs, please, for our pre-show slide-show!

To make things easier for ALL of us this year, we have opened a Drammy Awards Flickr account and created a group, so that you can upload your photos directly to it. Here it is (just click on this link):

For those of you who don’t have a Flickr account, or are reluctant or unable to open one (it is really easy!), you may send your photos to us here at drammyawards@gmail.com and we will upload them for you. But it would be GREAT if you would do it yourselves!

Whatever you do, we beg you to LABEL all photos CLEARLY with company and production names.  We would hate to make incorrect attributions.

Please send ONE (yes, ONLY ONE) photograph per Drammy-eligible production. If you are sending to us HERE, please send an actual photograph (repeat: only one per production), not a link to an archive (we can’t choose photos for you). Please include the title of the show and the producing company’s name, as well as photographer credit. High-resolution format (1.5MB) preferred. Preferably jpeg, at least 1MB, no more than 5MB. .pdf also works.If high-res not available, please send what you have and we will try to accomodate.

Please start sending or uploading these production photos (repeat again: one per show)  as soon as you can (right now is great!) for ALL Drammy eligible shows that have either already happened or will have closed before Memorial Day 2015 , in time to be considered for this year’s awards.   REMEMBER we require ONLY ONE PHOTO PER DRAMMY-ELIGIBLE SHOW (your choice!). Yes, we said that AGAIN. Please don’t send more than one of each. (By now you can guess that what often happens is that people send several…but please don’t! We can’t and won’t choose.

If you have questions, you can please write to us here, at drammyawards@gmail.com

If you are unsure as to which productions to include, remember that all shows that are locally produced and have a minimum of 9 performances (not counting previews) in a single run are probably eligible. You can check the shows we have considered so far on the home page of this very website

This list will be updated as we add the fourth and fifth “segments” that remain in our Drammy season (but PLEASE don’t wait until the bitter end to upload production photos! It will be too late to include them in the slide show).

Again, please make it clear which company you represent (and which show each photo represents, with photographer credit) when you send or upload these pictures,  so that we can check them against our little lists.

Remember that this request is for production photos only, and ALL eligible shows will be represented. A request for FINALISTS’ photos will be sent out soon after Memorial Day, when those finalists have been decided.  At that time, we will be asking that you send photos of all shows or persons in that list to a different Flickr group, or to us here,  for that finalists’ slide-show. We do hope that you will be willing to help us with a quick turnaround at that time.  Thank you in advance!

But for now, just a single photo per production (one for each Drammy-eligible production that has already closed or WILL close before Memorial Day 2015) directly to: (here is that link again…just click here)

or to drammyawards@gmail.com

Thank you so much.  We can’t wait to hear from you.

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