Drammy Awards of Yesteryear: Can you believe, “invitation only!?!”

Introducing the


The response to the news of our move to the Newmark Theatre (thank you again, dear sponsor Portland’5) has been truly spectacular. We think that the 2015 celebration (we are sure you have already marked your calendars for Monday, June 29, 2015) will be a really snazzy affair.

So we were tickled to death to receive this great old cutting from Willamette Week, announcing the first ever “Willies” back in 1979. Huge thanks to Portland’s veteran producer/director/playwright Don Horn (founder and AD of Triangle Productions, and of an auspicious list of theatre companies before that; Don has provided decades of work for Portland’s fabulous talent pool) for sending this snippet to us, retrieved as it was from the boxes of stuff from Storefront’s archives under which Donnie is currently buried (he is seeking out material for the show he is devising about that illustrious and fondly remembered hub of genius and creativity).

The column is fascinating for all kinds of reasons. But in the context of the move to our new digs, what struck us most for now, was that the great Drammy shindig, which now welcomes well over 500 folks, and counting, began as an “invitational cocktail party.” Wow. How easy that must have been to organize!

Ah, well. It’s fun to look back. And, by the way, we aren’t sure what the check marks on the list mean, or who made them. They don’t represent the actual winners. In actual fact, “Best Actor” was Todd Oleson; “Best Actress” was Leigh Clark-Granville; “Supporting Actress” was Wendy Westerwell; “Supporting Actor” was Eric Overmyer; “Best Director” was Victoria Parker; “Best Production” was “When You Comin’ Back Red Ryder?”  I am not sure about the rest, though I suspect Rick Young won for Costuming. Remember you can look at our Past Winners page for details of that and other years (and do please help us update them if you can…we know there are vast lacunae).

Those were the days, my friends! And now? We invite you to raise a cocktail glass to the future!

See you in the theatre!

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