Drammy Awards and Diversity in Portland, Passin Art, and some gentle rule bending

As a general rule, we don’t post audition notices over here at Drammy Towers. There are places enough for that (newspapers, online and off, pdxbackstage etc etc). But we were struck and impressed this summer, especially post-Ferguson, by the informative and intelligent debates and discussions the local theatre community held on the subject of diversity, or its lack, here in Portland, Oregon. We were aware, among other things, that people mourned the lack of Drammy Awards going to minority groups, and we tried to take our collective pulse.

Our job, as a committee, is to look at what IS, rather than to dream of what we wish could be, or feel SHOULD be. So, in a sense, until there IS more diversity in this whole city, any awards (including Drammys), statistically speaking, will go to whatever population segment is most represented. And yet, like the rest of the community, we wish there were something we could do.

So we were struck by the headline of this email from PassinArt, and namely, “Looking for aspiring actors.” Like all theatre practitioners, we believe absolutely in the power of theatre to change. We know that what we long for, as audience members OR as participants/actors/directors/designers, is to come away from any production knowing/feeling/learning more. Great theatre does that. Of that there can be no doubt.

We looked at the people called for in these auditions, and see that they are young. And if diversity here in Portland is to grow and flourish, as we hope, wish, and desire, we believe that the seeds must be sown in our children, and our children’s children.

So we are bending our rules a little, and posting this audition notice, in hopes it will help PassinArt reach the widest possible audience. Please help. Share the notice with your Facebook Friends and fellow Tweeters, and anywhere else you can.

We won’t become a forum for audition notices in general. And perhaps will never post one again. But for worthy causes, rules must always have exceptions. We crave your indulgence, and ask for your help.

The audition notice follows:

Auditions for Smoldering Fires


Looking for aspiring actors

PassinArt: A Theatre Company is looking for young people who would like to be a part of an exciting production.

We are holding open auditions for its upcoming spring production of Smoldering Fires. The Company is seeking:

  • One African American female, ages 8-9
  • Two African American females, ages 12-16
  • Two African American males, ages 10-12
  • Two African American males, ages 18-25

Please be prepared to read.  Sides from the play will be provided.
The audition will be held on Saturday November 1st, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.and 1 p.m. — 3:30 p.m.  at the PassinArt office, 825 NE 20th Lower Level Conference Room.  To schedule an audition, please call 503-235-8079 and leave your name and number or email your information to passinart@yahoo.com.

Copyright © 2014 PassinArt: A Theatre Company, All rights reserved.
Our mailing address is:

PassinArt: A Theatre Company

P.O. Box 6407

Portland, OR  97228

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