Drammy Awards loves Michael Pennington


Being a Drammy Committee member is wonderful. One tiny drawback, however, is that one spends so much time seeing Drammy-eligible, 9-performance-not-including-previews shows, that it can be hard to fit in the exciting one-or-two night readings or other short-term performances that Portland’s vibrant theatre scene has to offer.

Sometimes, though, to miss something would be insane, almost criminally so. Michael Pennington is one of the RSC’s most gifted actors, and his one-man Shakespeare show is rightfully celebrated. He will be here this month, for two nights only. This Drammarian has already bought tickets; she recommends you do likewise. You will be glad you did.

Performances are 7.30 pm October 21 and 22 at PSU’s Lincoln Hall Studio Theatre. Tickets are available on NWCTC’s website (and thanks to outgoing NWCTC AD Grant Turner, our most recent Special Drammy Award winner, for making all this possible). click here for the link

See you at Lincoln Hall! And everywhere in the theatre!

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