Drammy Awards: just a couple of clarifications




After a sizzling summer of spectacular shows, we have plunged into a fiercely fabulous Fall! There’s some really terrific theatre happening right now, isn’t there? So before we Drammarians gather together in Tonkon Torp’s comfortable conference room (thanks, TT!) next Monday, September 22, to consider our first round of eligible offerings, we are mindful that we promised to clarify a couple of items that came up during the summer.

Remember that Drammy-eligibility is discussed in full on our “About” page, of course. And that you can email us here with any questions. Use either pdxdrammys@gmail.com or drammyawards@gmail.com.  Both will reach us.  But meanwhile…

1. What to do if a Drammy committee member turns up unannounced and asks if it might be possible to see your show

Standard practice is for committee members to call or email in advance and ask for tickets. Occasionally, however, a person might suddenly have a free evening, and find that he/she could see a show that otherwise would perhaps be missed. Sometimes, with smaller theatres, it is impossible to reach a box office person during the work day hours (though we will always try, and leave messages where possible).  In such a case, a committee member might show up on the offchance. This is what you should do:

(a) please, if you know you have room, allow the person to see your show, BUT…

(b) if there is a chance you might sell out and have all your seats filled with PAYING PATRONS, make the committee member wait until all paying patrons have been seated. Then, if there is a seat left, allow him/her to take it.  BUT…

(c) if there is NO seat left in the house, feel free to ask the Drammy committee member to try to return another time. KNOW THAT YOU WILL NOT BE PENALIZED IN ANY WAY FOR TURNING AWAY AN UNEXPECTED DRAMMY COMMITTEE MEMBER if you have a full house. And know that we will still be doing our level best to get enough of us there to audit all aspects of your show for Drammy consideration.

Hope that helps? Again, please feel free to email with questions.

2. What to do if you have a small performance space, and worry about having to allow Drammy committee members 2 complementary tickets each?  Can you just offer one?

The answer is simply, TRUST US.

Yes, the rule is that, to be eligible, you have to accede to the notion that we are allowed two tickets each. So, no, you can’t just offer one. And yes, there are currently 17 of us. And that sounds like a lot of tickets. BUT READ ON!!!

KNOW that we are very, very mindful of the needs of small houses and sell-out shows in ANY spaces. SO…though you must be willing to give us 2 tickets each, in PRACTICE we promise you that we will only ask for one each, or promise to “double up,” when we know shows are selling well or space is tight. We cannot allow the precedent of allowing theatres themselves to dictate the rule…it would be an ill-considered move for us, and frankly we see so many shows that some of us would never see our friends or family members if we couldn’t sometimes take a companion. But I assure you, doubling up is frequent, or traveling solo when circumstances suggest that is the best policy.

If you fear we might not know that your space is small, or your show selling well, feel free to send an email saying something like, “We look forward to seeing you at our show, but hope you will be mindful that there are only six seats, ” or something of that ilk. Or even, “We hope you will be able to come to our show. Fridays and Saturdays are selling well, so it would help us if you could consider Thursdays or Sundays whenever possible.” The more we know, the more we can accommodate. But if you say, “Sorry, you can only have one ticket each,” your show will immediately be considered ineligible.

So, trust us, okay?

Remember too that chances are slim to none (with Slim being out of town) that all 17 of us will actually make it to every show. We are busy too. That is why we have to have 17 members (to make sure that enough of us cover everything).

And remember too that you don’t HAVE to have us there, if you don’t want to.  We do understand that not everyone is interested in receiving a Drammy. So feel free to tell us if you don’t want coverage.  We might still see your shows, but only as paying audience members,  just as anyone might.

Again, feel free to ask questions.  We will answer promptly, and as best we can.

See you in the theatre!

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