Drammy Awards: we love to help PCTG, our mother, almost as much as we love Games. And Gin. And, well, The Gin Game!

Gin Game for PCTG

The older we get (and remember, we are almost 37, though we have had one or two different names), the more we want to help our parents. In our case, that means adding our voices to the cries of “Great stuff!” when our mother and nurturer, the Portland Civic Theatre Guild, does something super duper smashing. So today we are happy to proclaim loudly that the PCTG’s season’s first reading  is The Gin Game by D.L. Coburn.  We are proud also to report that Drammy Committee member Julie Accuardi will be directing (hurrah!) and we know she LOVES  this play. The fabulous John Morrison and (ditto) Chrisse Roccaro play Weller and Fonsia and, frankly,  they are just great (as you can likely see in the photo above). Beautiful voices, fine actors, and so much fun.

Details follow. Please email Julie at jaccuard@comcast.net if you have questions. Or email us here at drammyawards@gmail.com or pdxdrammys@gmail.com and we will pass messages along.

See you in the theatre (or, on October 7, in The Old Church)!

Event date October 7, 2014, 10:00 a.m.


The Gin Game, by D.L. Coburn, kicks off the Portland Civic Theatre Guild’s 2014-2015 Reader’s Theatre season.


The Gin Game, by D.L. Coburn, will be the October reading for the Portland Civic Theatre Guild’s Readers Theatre season, Tuesday October 7, at The Old Church. The event begins at 10:00 am with complimentary refreshments followed by The Gin Game at 10:30. The Old Church is located at 1422 SW 11th.  Tickets are $8.00 and available at the door.


The Gin Game is a touching and human comedy about Fonsia and Weller, two senior citizens at a second rate retirement home. Over repeated games of gin, they strive for connection, and fight the bitter memories of the events and choices that colored their lives. This Pulitzer Prize winning play has been described by The New York Times as “A thoroughly entertaining lesson in the fine art of theatrical suspense. The closest thing theatre offers to a duel at ten paces.”


Julie Accuardi directs John Morrison and Chrisse Roccaro in this star turn for two actors. Chrisse plays Fonsia Dorsey, whose first few days at the home bring her to tears and whose uncanny luck at Gin leads her partner to moments of uncontrollable rage. Chrisse’s career has encompassed stage, TV, movies, cabaret and radio. She is a Drammy award winning actress and past president of the Portland Civic Theatre Guild.


Weller Martin is played by John Morrison. John has performed at the Dallas Theatre Center, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Tacoma Actors Guild, the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, Portland Center Stage and ART. He is also a voice actor and his work can be seen in Will Vinton’s Academy Award nominated film, The Great Cognito.


More information about The Gin Game and the Portland Civic Theatre Guild is available at portlandcivictheatreguild.org.


Interview Contact

Julie Accuardi


Portland Civic Theatre Guild



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