Drammy Awards: We are back!



Yes! We are back!!

Though Portland’s excellent, year-round theatre scene means that some would argue that we have never left.  Indeed, we have spent the summer months scuttling from show to show, indoors, outdoors, under arches proscenium and arboreal, in parks and parterres, lit by sun, moon, stars, candles, laser beam,  or electric light. And, oh my! We have seen some wonderful stuff.

But it’s been a while since our last Drammy committee meeting (though of course we are in constant contact via email, phone, individual face-to-face, and summer barbecue). In fact, our last official get-together was our annual event post-mortem, a week or so after the ceremony itself, and during which we embarked, as always,  on our on-going quest to make things even better (more of all that as the season proceeds). And now we have our first new Drammy season meeting in our sights, on September 22, when we will discuss a number of agenda items, as well as start to consider the 25 or 30 eligible productions we already have under our collective belts. We will, as usual, be listing those a day or two after the meeting, so watch this space.

Between now and then, expect a couple of posts going over a couple of those “eligibility” items that have surfaced over June, July, and August. We want to expand on one or two, especially where misunderstandings have occurred,  for new people in the community who may not be aware of everything (and of course for OLD people…like me!…who can sometimes forget!!).

But for now, as we race to fill our calendars with all the upcoming September and October openings (and beyond), and as the sun flickers on and off like an almost burned-out light bulb, we just want to send good wishes for the year to come. Have fun, do good work,  break legs, and…above all… thank you for having us in your midst!

See you in the theatre!

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