Of Drammys and Spideys, and Reading All About Us!

song of spidermanGlen Berger





Can you believe that a month has passed since the 2014 Drammy Awards? Crazy, isn’t it?

We Jolly Drammarians spend so much time preparing for these events, and then suddenly they are nothing more than a happy memory! And of course we are already looking forward to the 2015 celebration…the 37th of that ilk! Yes, the 37th! With no more shilly-shallying and waffling about 35 1/2, or 36 1/2, and with certificates and awards engraved accordingly (we hope!).

Meanwhile, we already have over 20 productions under our collective belts towards next year’s set of nominations.  Lots of excellent theatre to be seen over Portland’s summers, these days.

One thing we DO enjoy, in addition to attending shows themselves, is to see how often previous Drammy wins are mentioned in program bios. Makes us feel happy that artists are proud of these achievements. So you can imagine how delighted we were to find a Drammy win quoted in a book by Glen Berger, published by Simon and Schuster. Yes, THAT Glen Berger, of Spiderman: Turn off the Dark, fame.

Here are the notes about the author  (our bold):

Glen Berger cut his teeth at Seattle’s Annex Theatre back in the ’90s. His plays since then include Underneath the Lintel, which has been staged more than two hundred times worldwide, been translated into eight languages, and won several Best Play awards; and O Lovely Glowworm, a 2005 Portland Drammy Award Winner for Best Script. He is a New Dramatists alumnus. In television, Glen has won two Emmys (out of twelve nominations), and has written more than 150 episodes for children’s television series including Arthur (PBS), Peep (Discovery/The Learning Channel), Big and Small (BBC), and Fetch (PBS), for which he was the head writer for all five years of its run. Glen spent six years cowriting the script of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.”

Here is a photo of Ebbe Roe Smith and friend (no kidding!), from that production (photo by Owen Carey):

Ebbe Roe Smith in O Lovely Glowworm

And one of Ebbe Roe Smith and Tim True (photo by Owen Carey):

Ebbe Roe Smith and Tim True


And here are are a few reviews of O Lovely Glowworm, the show for which Glen won his Drammy:

  “What if the great mind of our time belonged not to an inventor or historian, but a playwright? It’s a question prompted by each new work from former Seattle resident Glen Berger, who delivered the most literate—and funniest—play produced in Portland last season, Portland Center Stage’s O LOVELY GLOWWORM.”
Portland Tribune

“A wager: If Glen Berger isn’t one of the American theater scene’s most respectedwriters by the next decade, I’ll sit twice through every pretentious wank by every fringe playwright currently trying to emulate him. Berger has what most ambitious young artists would kill for: the ability to be off-the-chart unusual and still say something of universal resonance.”
Seattle Weekly

“Glen Berger’s work feels like what an entire generation of playwrights have been struggling to write.”
The Stranger
, Seattle

“Along with Kushner and Stoppard, Berger is only a handful of playwrights of wit and vocabulary creating works of dramatic weight and size. Although they take political positions and tackle cosmic questions to which no one has the answers, these plays never abandon theatrical flair and entertainment value.”
Windy City Times
, Chicago

“Berger is one of those today finding great humor in hardships, expanding and redefining tragedy, while claiming this form for a new generation.”
The Columbian, Portland


Such fun to look back and remember! And of course to see that the Drammys have a wider reputation than just here in Portland. We would love to hear from anyone who spots a Drammy mention from out of town, be it on a program from a theatre in some other city, or from a book, like this one was.  Do let us know what you find!

See you in the theatre!


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