A Drammy reminder to Playwrights!

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Playwrights! We are heading into the holiday weekend, so you have time on your hands, right? Right! So, you know, WRITE, already, you wrights, while others play! Make fireworks of your OWN! You know you want to!  What is more, our mother-organization, Portland Civic Theatre Guild, wants to HELP you! Here’s what she says:
“Do you have a new play you would like read for Fertile Ground 2015?
The Portland Civic Theatre Guild is seeking submissions for a professional reading of a new play to be produced as part of Fertile Ground 2015.  Here are the details:
• The reading will include a paid professional director and actors.
• The playwright will receive a $200 stipend.
• The reading will be held at the Old Church as part of Fertile Ground 2015.
Submission Information
• Submissions must be original full-length plays that have not been produced (though previous workshops and readings are okay). Translations, musicals, and children’s plays will not be accepted.
• The play must have 1-6 characters. Plays with more than six characters will be disqualified.
• The play must not be scheduled for professional production at the time of submission.
• The manuscript must be written in standard professional play format.
• Please include your name and contact information on the title page. A brief biography may be included at the end of the manuscript but is not required.
Submissions will be accepted electronically in PDF format. Please send submissions to: pctgnewplays@gmail.com by August 4, 2014.
Please direct questions to pctgnewplays@gmail.com.
The Portland Civic Theatre Guild is an all volunteer organization. Its mission is to serve and support Portland’s theatre community. The Guild’s programs include:
• Portland Civic Theatre Guild’s First Tuesday Readers Theatre
• Awards and fellowships including the Leslie O. Fulton Fellowship, the Portland Civic
Theatre Award in Support of Theatre, and the Mary Brand Theatre for Youth Program.
• The Drammys
More information about the Guild can be found at:

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