2014 Drammy Awards’ Finalists’ Certificates, The Uncollected. Where are they now? Answer right here!

Finalist certificate heading
Dear friends:

If you, or a friend or  fellow-cast member of yours, or someone who took part in one of your shows, were/was selected as a finalist in the recent Drammy Awards and did not sign in and collect your/his/her certificate on Monday, June 9, 2014, please know that our intrepid fellow committee member Julie Accuardi has either hand-delivered or mailed the uncollected certificates to the theatre companies where the award-winning SHOWS were produced. Rather than list the people who did NOT pick up their certificates (you know who you are!), here are the companies where those certificates are now held.

Thank you for your cooperation. And thanks to Julie for doing the leg work.

  • Defunkt Theatre
  • Imago Theatre
  • Lakewood Theatre Company
  • Northwest Children’s Theater
  • Oregon Children’s Theatre
  • Portland Center Stage
  • Portland Playhouse
  • Stumptown Stages
  • Shaking the Tree Theatre
  • Triangle Productions

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