Drammy Awards: updated home page with photos

IMG01 (2)

 Photo taken at the event by Owen Carey

We’ve updated our home page to include winners’ photos from the wonderful finalists/winners slide show created by Drammy Committee member Matthew B. Zrebski with the amazing  Liz Young! Such hard work and talent! And all put together in NO TIME FLAT! I don’t know how they did it! Thank you to them, and to Drammy Committee members  Annalise Albright Woods for running the sound and Nicole Gladwin, stage manager extraordinaire,  for running the show! It wouldn’t be possible without them!

The home page with photos is here; the list of all finalists is here.

Thank you again to host Isaac Lamb and his (literally) fabulous entourage (pictured above, photo by Owen Carey)!

And thank you to this year’s partner artslandia for the gorgeous program!

Needless to say, we are already thinking ahead to 2015!

Thank you again for your wonderful work.

See you in the theatre!



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