Drammy Awards FINALISTS: Check-in instructions and MORE! PLEASE READ!



WE ARE JUST A WEEK AWAY!  Are you as excited as I am??

1.  FINALISTS! PLEASE check in early on Monday, June 9, at the Crystal Ballroom, to receive your lovely Finalists’ certificates AND to let us know you have arrived. PLEASE CHECK IN BETWEEN 6.30 and 6.45 PM at the latest.  There will be a desk for check in purposes, which should be easy to see!

If you are unable to attend in person, PLEASE APPOINT  a proxy to receive your certificate and your (potential) winner’s award and have that PROXY check in for you. If possible, let us know who your proxy is, in advance.  THEATRES/COMPANIES who are among the finalists (e.g. for Best Production) please also let us know who will be receiving awards/picking up certificates on your behalf. 

2. We hope that by now you have submitted Finalists’ photos to Matt Zrebski. The deadline was yesterday, June 1, at 9 PM, but I am sure Matt will be able to add on a few stragglers if necessary. Here are the instructions again:

-Based on FINALISTS LIST that was published on May 28, please send a photo that represents the work of any FINALISTS from your company’s shows. Guidelines below:

-For actors, please send a picture with the actor prominently featured.

-For visual designers, please send a picture that represents that area of design.

-For sound designers, please send a 7 to 10 second excerpt from the sound design of the corresponding show. You may send in any standard format (mp3, AIFF, wave, etc.) If creating an excerpt is difficult, and entire file can be sent, but we will choose the edited excerpt to play during the sound category.

-For directors, simply send a headshot of the director as well as a picture that well represents the show. This might be the same picture you have sent for your season selections.

-For productions, please send the poster or logo for that production.

You will send all materials to:
Matt Zrebski
Producer, 2014 Drammy Ceremony

3. We have been extra busy all weekend proofreading lists for the program, certificates, trophies etc. We believe the list published on the home page here is now correct, spelling and typo-wise.  PLEASE let us know immediately, if not sooner ;-), if you spot anything that is incorrect, and we will do our best to make it right for the lists that will be “set in stone.”

SEE YOU AT THE CRYSTAL!  Can’t wait!!!!

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