Drammy Awards: Fifth Period Plays



Here are the plays we discussed at our meeting on Monday, 12 May, 2014.  Please remember that a show must have closed before we discuss it for nomination purposes. A few shows are still running until May 18 (the end of this year’s Drammy season), such as OCT’s The Giver, and Broadway Rose’s The Bikinis.  They (and any others running now, and closing on or before May 18) will be discussed for nomination purposes at the beginning of our Decision Day meeting on Memorial Monday, May 26.


A Pigeon and a Boy/Jewish Theatre Collaborative
At Home at the Zoo/ Gorilla Bomb 
Crimes of the Heart /Lakewood
Hamlet /Post5 
King Lear/ NW Classical Theatre Company
Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom/defunkt 
Midsummer/Third Rail
Next Fall/Triangle 
Othello /PCS 
pool (no water)/Theatre Vertigo
Raven Stories/Tears of Joy
The Light in the Piazza/ Portland Playhouse 
The Motherfucker with the Hat/Artists Rep
The Quality of Life/Artists Rep
Two Old Guys Just Sitting Around Talking/PassinArt

Please check earlier news feeds for shows discussed during the first four periods (September 24, 2013; December 10, 2013; Jan 22, 2014, and March 25, 2014)


Please also note that, because this year we are pre-publishing finalists from the many nominees we have chosen over the year, that list will be published HERE and sent to the press by the morning of May 29, 2014. So watch this space!

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