Drammy Special Achievement Award recipient 2014 will be….

Grant Turner

We are thrilled to announce that the 2014 Special Achievement Award recipient will be Northwest Classical Theatre Company’s Artistic Director (drum roll please!)…

(seen above as Richard III)
As most of you know, Grant co-founded (with his lovely wife Nicole) the NWCTC in 1998.

This June, he and his family will move to La Grande. He does plan to keep a foot planted in Portland, and will stay on as AD through the leadership transition at the NWCTC through January. This Summer the NWCTC will be the resident company for the Willamette Shakespeare winery tour (they are presenting a production of TWELFTH NIGHT which Grant will direct).

His final project as NWCTC artistic director will be a re-mount of RICHARD III coupled with a new production of HENRY VI (parts 2 & 3)* both to be directed by the RSC’s Barry Kyle, and opening December 5th, 2014. He also tells us that wheels are in motion to find an artistic opportunity here in town that will bring him back at least once a year as either an actor or director, and will allow him the possibility to continue to bring world-class Shakespearean talent into town for workshops, seminars, and special presentations. So we are glad to note that we will not be losing Grant and his many talents entirely. Nevertheless, this Drammy season finale marks the end of an era which has brought us much joy, and that we are thrilled and honored to acknowledge in presenting Grant with this award.

Congratulations, and thanks to Grant for 16 (and counting) truly classy and classical years.
Oh, my! This is going to be a great party! See you at the Crystal, Monday, June 9.

*To those of you on our email list who maybe muttering, “That’s not what she said this morning!”, we apologize. We mistakenly wrote parts 1 and 2 when we gave you this news at 0’dark thirty.  Who knew Henrys had so many parts? 😉 Seriously, we blame our ancient eyes and the early morning light. And we are sorry for the error!

PS We originally intended to list the plays we discussed at Monday’s meeting here. But that is really too much of a good thing, all at once! So we will list them tomorrow or Thursday, along with other news!

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