The Drammys are coming: Send your ads for the program to artslandia!

artslandia asking for ads

As you know, we are partnering this year for the Drammys with artslandia, who are producing the program for the ceremony on Monday, 9 June, 2014.

So we are sure that many of you will want to place an ad this year, whether or not you have before! You may have seen on twitter that you should contact artslandia directly, and THIS IS TRUE!

Here is their tweet from this morning!

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it’s @DrammyAwards Time! Make sure your Theatre is represented! for more info!

So there you have it! Contact CHRIS PORRAS for Drammy program ad sales! His email address is:

We will post other info as and when we get it!

By the way, we have informed artslandia that, although this year should LOGICALLY be the 35th, we had a counting problem, so it is the 35th PLUS ONE. Awards will be engraved 36th. And next year, 2015, will be 37th (unless we find more math errors, of course!)

See you at the Crystal!



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