Drammys need PHOTOS! For the year’s work by May 19! For nominees, between May 28 and June 1! READ ON!

IT IS ALMOST MAY! And that means
The Crystal Ballroom is waiting!
And we are going to need your help more than EVER
to get PHOTOS

for the
2014 Drammy Ceremony

THIS MESSAGE IS PARTICULARLY,but NOT exclusively, for THEATRE COMPANIES. It affects everyone who has been involved in a Drammy-eligible show this past season (you may need to nag, prod, and encourage, to make sure your work gets the exposure it deserves!).

In preparation for what will surely be an exciting 2014 Drammy Ceremony (nominees! artslandia! Isaac Lamb!), we are going to need your help in obtaining numerous photos so as to celebrate:

(1) the year’s work,  and

(2) the specific nominees.  

As you must realize, there will not be a ton of time, particularly for the second request!

PLEASE be as proactive as possible and prepare as much as you can in advance.  In order to make this whole thing the success we expect, we need to obtain materials in an efficient manner and on time.

Deadline May 19, 2014 at 9:00p

-Please send a single photo from each show in your 2013-2014 season that was running from June 1, 2013 – May 18, 2014.   

-Please rename each photo file so that it starts with your company name, then a “.”, then the show name.  (EX:  DTC.Hamlet.jpg)  You may certainly abbreviate, but please be consistent.

-In the body of your email, list each photo by file name.  Underneath the file name, list the following info in this order:
Show Title
Actors Pictured (listed left to right)
Theatre Company Name
Photographer Credit
Do this for each picture you send.
Jerry Lanford
Darion Sanders, Christine Wright
Dover Theatre Company
Rebecca Wang

Deadline June 1, 2014 at 9:00p

-Based on nominations that will be announced no later than Wednesday May 28th, 2014, please send a photo that represents the work of any nominees from your company’s shows.  Guidelines below:

For actors, please send a picture with the actor prominently featured.

For visual designers, please send a picture that represents that area of design.

-For sound designers, please send a 7 to 10 second excerpt from the sound design of the corresponding show.  You may send in any standard format (mp3, AIFF, wave, etc.) If creating an excerpt is difficult, and entire file can be sent, but we will choose the edited excerpt to play during the sound category.

-For directors, simply send a headshot of the director as well as a picture that well represents the show.  This might be the same picture you have sent for your season selections.

-For productions, please send the poster or logo for that production.

You will send all materials to:
Matt Zrebski
Producer, 2014 Drammy Ceremony

If you have questions or concerns about these requests, please email Matt, and he will respond expeditiously.

We sincerely thank you for your cooperation.  We look forward to seeing you all on the big night!

YIKES, GUYS! It’ll soon be here! We can’t wait!

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