Drammy Archive Headshots? A Doodle Will Do!

caricature by Bill Papas
A Doodle’ll Do It!
Thank you SO much to those of you who have already sent headshots and bios this morning! Wonderful! This idea may not work, but we do want to give it the good old college try! And we can’t do it without you!

Two things to add, both VERY important:

1. WE WILL ASSUME THAT, BY SENDING US YOUR HEADSHOT AND SHORT BIO, YOU ARE GIVING US PERMISSION IMPLICITLY (or explicitly if you want to add that) TO USE IT ON THE DRAMMY WEBSITE AND/OR IN OUR DRAMMY CEREMONY PROGRAM (created this year by artslandia) IN THE EVENT OF YOU OR YOUR SHOW BEING NOMINATED FOR AN AWARD, THIS YEAR OR IN THE FUTURE (and of course you can update headshots and bios anytime, with the same implicit permission). 

2. (And this may apply to designers, tech people, and backstage people more than actors, BUT IT IS TRUE FOR ALL)…We do NOT expect you to go out and get an expensive headshot if you don’t have one already. You artists out there…a caricature or doodle will do!  Something that really represents you! See the attached (flattering, right? I was much younger!) 

Thank you again.

See you at the Crystal! Monday June 9, 2014. Can’t wait! 

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