CALLING ALL THEATRE ARTISTS, onstage and off! Please send us headshots and short bios for Drammy/artslandia archive!

Leigh Clark Willie Two
Calling all theatres and theatre artists, both onstage and off!
We would love to create an archive of your headshots and short bios
for Drammy programs and website,
now, and in future!
In our ceaseless quest to make the Drammys even better, we have, with our super collaborator artslandia, decided to try to compile an archive of headshots and short bios for all theatre artists… onstage, backstage, offstage, center stage…so that we can, at short notice, use them for promotional events, including DRAMMY NOMINATIONS both on our website AND in the program.AND SO WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We have such little time between deciding final nominations (and winners) and going to press, that it would be a Promethean task to gather headshots and bios at the last minute. So it would be wonderful if we could create an archive, and have these items at the ready.

What do you think? There is NO hubris attached to participating in this. There are all kinds of reasons why artslandia might want to use a face or a description at any time. And anyone in any eligible production could end up being part of an award-winning show. So NOT to participate could be to let your teammates down! And we know you don’t want to do that!

We do hope you will cooperate with us on this. This year’s program should be much more of a souvenir item than we have had in the past. And headshots and bios would simply make sense.

This applies to all TECH folks too! So please don’t hang back!

We have a good month before we get to nominations /selections, but the sooner we start compiling the better.

SO…please send your headshot and short bio AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to us here, at, or to  We will keep them on file, AND forward them to our chums at artlandia, who will do likewise. And please ask your friends to send theirs too!

We can’t wait to hear from you! Please do this! Pretty please! It just makes sense!

PS The headshot above is, of course, the Willy Award won by the amazing Leigh Clark, back in the day. Oh, how we loved those puppets! And Leigh! Sigh.

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