Drammy Awards: We have an MC! And it’s…(drumroll please!)…


photo by Owen Carey

…YES! It’s Isaac Lamb!  We are SO EXCITED! Will the whole thing be lip-dubbed? Is lip-dubbed even a word?

We will have Isaac’s somewhat more formal resume and headshot on our home page shortly.  But meanwhile, we thought you would like to read what he said about himself!

Isaac Lamb is that rare breed of Portlander who was born and raised in Portland. He got into the performing arts at the tender age of 15 playing Pirate #37 in Jesuit High School’s acclaimed production of Pirates of Penzance. You remember. It’s been all downhill since then. He’s toiled (mostly fruitlessly) on stages and in the director’s chair around the country, when the odd director will have him or the odd artistic director will trust him. Somehow he recently convinced a very lovely and talented young woman to fall in love with him. Her name is Amy. They’ll be getting married soon…it’s a pretty uninteresting story. Isaac is thrilled to be hosting the Drammy Awards, mostly because he gets to be the center of attention for a whole night, but also because the opportunity to help honor his incredibly talented, hard-working, creative peers is a privilege he takes very seriously. Above all he hopes to create a truly inclusive, joy-filled celebration of everyone in Portland’s thriving theatre community. And he hopes you have a killer hangover the next day.

I tell you, I can feel that hangover coming on now!

Oh, the Drammys are coming! It is going to be fantabulous!


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