Drammys in Artsland(ia); artslandia gets Drammatic!


photo by win goodbody:portlandtheatrescene.com

As our email subscribers have already seen (subscribe! subscribe! Get our news at its hottest!), the Drammy committee is thrilled to report that we will be partnering with artslandia this year to bring you a ceremony that will be more gorgeous than ever! We’ll have a fabulous program (did you even realize that artslandia also produces Playbills NW? I am ashamed to say I didn’t, until just recently!). And we are dreaming of a “Stand and Repeat” spot, a photo booth, and who-knows-what-else! So get your glad rags on! Well, maybe don’t actually get them ON just yet. But start thinking! I feel a need-to-shop coming on…

And watch this space for more news! Oh, the Drammys, the Drammys, the Drammys are coming! And this year they will be even better!!!!

artslandia logo



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