Drammy Awards: Fourth Period Plays


Photo by Win Goodbody: portlandtheatrescene.com

Can you believe we are at the end of the Fourth Period of shows in our 2013-2014 Drammy season already? Astonishing, isn’t it? Anyway, we had a great meeting last night, once again in the comfortable offices of Tonkon Torp (thank you, TT! We are so grateful). We will have all KINDS of news about this year’s ceremony coming up soon. You will be gobsmacked! It is going to be more exciting than ever! But for now, to the matter in hand. Here, as always, is the list of the shows that were discussed and considered by the Drammy Committee, this time on Monday, 25 March, 2014, at the end of the Fourth Period of this year’s Drammy Season. Remember that a show must have CLOSED before we can consider it (so those of you who are still running, or have extended, will be considered NEXT time, on May 12, 2014). Do let us know if you think something is missing. To remind yourselves of the plays we discussed at the end of the first, second, and third periods, please check the News Feed for September 24, 2013,  December 10, 2013, and Jan 22, 2014. respectively.


  • A Night in November/ corrib theatre
  • A Small Fire/ Portland Center Stage
  • Aida/ Stumptown Stages
  • American King Umps/ PassinArt
  • Ardiente Paciencia/Milagro
  • Band Geeks/Broadway Rose
  • Bo-Nita/Portland Center Stage
  • Bon Ton Roulet at the Shakespeare Cafe/Post 5
  • Charlotte’s Web/Oregon Children’s Theatre
  • Chinglish/Portland Center Stage
  • Cuentame Coyote/Milagro
  • Enjoy/CoHo Productions
  • Eyes for Consuela/Profile
  • Gidion’s Knot/Third Rail
  • Goodnight Moon/NW Children’s Theatre
  • Independent Women/Social Sciences Productions
  • Jitney/Portland Playhouse
  • Medicare-Fully Fabulous/Triangle
  • Middle Names/Down Boat Arts
  • Monkey King/Tears of Joy
  • One Flea Spare/Shaking the Tree
  • Pep Talk/Hand2Mouth
  • Tartuffe/Post 5
  • The Caretaker/Imago
  • The End of Sex/Theatre Vertigo
  • The Monster Builder/Artists Rep
  • The Mousetrap/Lakewood
  • Zombie in Love/Oregon Children’s Theatre

That’s a lot of shows, I think you will agree! 28, by my count (of which I personally saw 25, all of them terrific!). Yes,  there was some great work to talk about. Oh, I love my job, I do, I do, I do! That’s why I volunteer for it.

And there are plenty more shows, great ones, still to come. So, once again…Onward and upward! And watch this space for more news soon (table sales will start in early April, so keep your eyes peeled for that announcement. Subscribe to our email list if you haven’t already, so as to be among the first to know). Thank you for all your wonderful work. And see you in the theatre!

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