Drammy Awards catch-up

ice cream sandwich redux

I know! I know!  It’s been a while since we last posted. But we have good reasons for staying quiet now and again. Here are three:

1. We don’t want to get on your nerves, or have you start to skim over our contents,  by posting too often;

2. We know there will be a LOT of news soon, as Drammy Day approaches (Monday, June 9…mark your calendars!), so we want to make sure you don’t find us old and  stale;

3. There’s such a lot of amazing theatre going on in Portland right now, we are busy as bees both reserving and seeing shows and keeping our Drammy diaries up to date!

But it’s definitely time to say hello, and give a quick update. First, we have our next Drammy meeting a week from today, on Monday, March 24. So keep a look out for the shows we discuss within a couple of days after that. And second, keep your eyes peeled on 1 April or shortly thereafter because that is when we will be announcing table sales…and ad sales will not be far behind. Remember that the first people to see these notices will be folks who subscribe to our email list, so make sure you are on there. Just click on the link at the top right corner of this page. You will be glad you did! Tables went really quickly last year. We are taking measures to try to let everyone get a table who wants one, but even so, you should try to be first in line. You have been warned!

And today’s picture? Well, the BEST news of all is that the wonderful ice-cream sandwiches have returned to Lakewood.  Thank you to Alan Anderson and others for keeping that sacred and solemn promise! It would be a Crime of the Heart if you hadn’t!  😉


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