Drammy Awards needs your help re 1995-1996 Award Winners


photo by Win Goodbody: portlandtheatrescene.com

Okay! We aren’t too proud to ask for help! Far from it, in fact. Thanks to Jeff William Incavo, who took BEST SET DESIGN in 1995-1996, we discovered that our Past Winners page for that year was just a place holder (in fact using the following year’s list for that purpose).

The reason soon became obvious. We don’t have the full list for that year.  We have gone through the archives, however, and found a newspaper clipping from the Oregonian that lists all the nominees. Someone has, in addition, marked in red pen what we assume to be the winners in two or three categories. So we have listed those as indicated. For the rest, we have (laboriously, I might add!) typed out all the nominees for every category in that year. And now we PLEAD for those of you who know (many of you were around back then, we KNOW you were, because we were too!) to let us know who the actual winners were.  And please let us know if there are typos ( bet there are!). We will be ever so grateful.

Here is the link to that 1995-1996 page. There are all kinds of interesting things there! I guess we went to a theatre in Hillsboro in those days. And so many people still around. And so many companies sadly gone. Heigh ho.

We really look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you.

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