Drammy Home Page Updated! Ceremony on Monday, June 9, 2014

2013-06-08-PDX-0034Well, we kept the list of last year’s recipients up as long as felt right. But for the 34th annual Drammy award winners, you must now look at the “Past Winners” page. Because it’s time to get ready for this year, folks! And we have updated our Home page accordingly.

Yes, the 35th, er, 36th, er…35th PLUS ONE Drammy Awards ceremony is  almost upon us! (Remember that we discovered recently that the first ever ceremony had been labelled with a zero in the archives? So last year SHOULD have been the 35th, but wasn’t? So this year is the 35th plus one! To spare expense and space, awards will of course be engraved as 36th; next year will be the 37th!)

And yes, this year we will have pre-published nominees, for the first time in ages. So watch this space, and take a look at our Home page from time to time, for updates.

For now, mark your calendars! The ceremony will be on Monday, June 9, 2014, at the Crystal Ballroom.  See you there!

But before that…see you in the theatre!

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