Drammy Rogue Awards: The Corn is, er, Yellow, in Fertile Ground!


We bet you thought you would never hear from us about the Rogue Drammy Awards again, it’s been so long! But once we got over our disappointment at the lack of ice cream sandwiches, the good $1 kind, at Lakewood, last time we were there (and we have now been promised that CRATE-loads have been ordered), we have been out sampling both shows and snacks again. Of course there is a lot of stuff growing in the Fertile Ground that is Portland theatre-land right now! Wow! It is an exciting time.

So given the fertility image, it seems only appropriate to feature corn, albeit the popped kind, as this week’s Rogue Award nominee.

I have to admit that I, personally, am no lover of popcorn. It’s the smell, I think.  And that may be more about the warm butter than the corn itself, though I am not sure.  There’s a bit of a bad egg scent, no? That’s one of the reasons I don’t go to the cinema. Well, that, and migraines, and the fact that I would far, far rather see a live show any day! But the chap who is often my Lovely Companion is a big fan of the expanded kernel, so it’s a snack that cannot go unnoticed.

There are at least two splendid machines that dispense this golden, buttery delicacy in our Drammy-eligible theatres.  One is at Portland Playhouse, when the Playhouse folks are in their usual venue, i.e. the church on NE Prescott, rather than the Winningstad.  The other is at The Headwaters on NE Farragut, and seems to be available whatever company is playing in that space. I think the corn is flavored differently in both spaces (maybe the corn at the Headwaters is garlic-flavored?), but I am not able to pronounce on that. So if anyone has input, we’d be grateful.

I think the bowl of corn pictured above is from Portland Playhouse, and the machine below is from The Headwaters, but I could be wrong. Either way, this week’s Rogue Award is as corny as all get-go! But don’t let that stop you taking notice; we’ll be voting all too soon!

See you in the theatre!

popcorn machine-bmp[1]

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