A Quick PS about those Production Photos for the Drammys!


Photo by Win Goodbody: portlandtheatrescene.com

Please send just one per show! Your choice! NO LINKS!
 Oops! Another post! Hard to keep up, really!

I need to add a quick PS to the last message. First, a huge thank you to the people who have already responded to our request for production photos for the pre-Drammy slide show. Alas, we can’t cope with just a link to your website, or flickr stream, or photo archives. We just don’t have the manpower to sift through everything (and besides, we get easily distracted by the lovely pictures, and the happy memories). And quite honestly we feel it right that YOU should select whichever photo you feel best reflects the show concerned. So that choice is yours.

And please don’t just send them to this drammyawards email address, or the pdxdrammys address. We just have to forward them, and they might slip through the cracks. There’s many a slip, my dears! Many a slip!

So…and with our apologies and pleas for understanding…

PLEASE SEND ONE PHOTOGRAPH PER SHOW (your choice), but NOT a link, to Laura Faye Smith, who will coordinate them. The email address FOR ALL PHOTOGRAPHS for the pre-ceremony slide show is laurafayesmith@yahoo.com

Okay? ONE PHOTO (not a link) per show. To Laura.

You can address any questions to us here, or at the pdxdrammys address.  But not the photos.

Thank you so much.  We can’t wait to hear from you.

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