Drammy Awards ends another segment, and the Rogue Awards continue

Milagro goodies

Wow! It is almost impossible to believe that we are already at the end of the third segment of our Drammy year! And yet tomorrow will once again see us jolly Drammarians nestled in the luxurious confines of the Tonkon Torp conference room (thank you, Tonkon Torp!), to debate, discuss, and nominate the next round of shows that we have seen so far this season. We will try to post a list of the plays we discuss tomorrow evening, sometime over the next week. Remember to let us know if you think something is missing. But also remember that shows will have to have closed before tomorrow, in order to be included in this round.

Speaking of missing things, I bet you have all been missing our candidates for the Rogue Awards, the delectable pre-show snacks provided by certain theatre companies. We apologize. We did explain earlier that we were trying to eschew, not chew, the Three Cs (cookies, candies, cakes), and we didn’t like to admit publicly that we had succumbed horribly to the Fourth C (cheat). But we have given up the sorry endeavor, which frankly was doomed from the start.

So today we depict the very coconutty confections on offer at Milagro/Miracle Theatre, where the snacks are as colorful as the warm, welcoming lobby. They are a tad sweet for my taste (and I didn’t even get a picture of the marshmallow-on-cookie offerings that frequently grace Milagro’s counter), but they certainly get the vote for brilliance of hue, and appropriate patriotism. So they join the growing list of candidates. Try not to get too excited, everyone! I know you can’t wait!

And speaking of candidates that have hitherto been firm favorites, we were shocked at our last trip to Lakewood to find that our preferred ice-cream sandwiches (the $1 delights, not the expensive ones) were not available.  In fact, no ice cream was to be had at all. We were assured that this was merely a temporary lapse. But we hereby put the theatre on notice! Those ice cream sandwiches were HIGH on the nominations scoreboard. But if they have disappeared, obviously they can’t win.

Frankly, we would be more disappointed than anyone. Just sayin.’

Meanwhile, we will see you at the theatre! And watch this space for that list of third segment plays.

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