Drammy Awards: A Sleuthing Success Story!

1993 Drammy award

Happiness reigns at Drammy Towers! After a longish period of sustained but ultimately successful snoopy sleuthing, we are finally able to give credit where it is due. And giving credit where it’s due is kind of our raison d’être, after all!  Yes, we are at last able to attribute the glorious old Willie Award masks and puppets to their original creators.

The masks, as pictured above and earlier in this blog (1993, Tim Stapleton, set design), were made by the remarkable Jane Clugston, whose inventions can still be seen in local theatres and elsewhere. Take a look at her Etsy page for a sample of her work. Just click here for her Belfry Masks page.

And then there were those puppets! Despite the fact that each one of those wonderful statuettes was a true work of art, it proved oddly difficult to discover who made them.  Here below, as a reminder, are a few of the originals we have published already (You will note that B. Joe Medley is still wearing his Christmas tinsel. Sorry! My bad!)

Anyway, the mystery is now solved. The puppet creator was the amazing Joan Gratz, whose many other accomplishments can be seen here and other places on the Google machine.

Thank you to the many people who helped me make this discovery, especially Joanna Priestley, who was one of our original suspects, and whose work, like Joan’s, is  truly marvelous. 

Portland is proud, the theatre thankful, and Drammy Awards eternally grateful! Meanwhile, if there are more masks and puppets (and other awards) out there, PLEASE send us a picture! We would love to have them in our archives, which we are busily trying to update. Thank you in advance.

See you in the theatre! Here are those Willies. Enjoy!

Willie Award 1979Marilyn Drammy 1Leigh Clark Willie Twophoto (1)B. Joe MedleyBrenda Drammy two-bmp[1]

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