Lull(aby) in Drammyland, and a plea about puppets!

photo (1)

We have had a bit of a lull in Drammyland over the past week or so. The Christmas shows have been winding down, and there’s been a tiny pause before new shows open. But a lull doth not a lullaby make for the inhabitants of Drammy Towers! Oh, no, sirree! We have taken the opportunity to cast another glance back over the archives, because they hold such a wealth of information.

Today we are proudly sporting a photograph of the award (really a Willie Award) taken home for outstanding sound design by William Reinhardt of Storefront Theatre (ah, Storefront!) for his work on The Unseen Hand back in the ‘eighties (we are hoping to add more details, and stories soon, so watch this space!). We even have a video link to that wonderful show which you can watch here, and which will knock your socks off! Recognize anyone?  Fabulous, isn’t it?

Part of our reason for showing this picture today, however, before we really have ALL the details, is that we have been rather desperately trying to determine the true identity of the person who actually created these amazing creatures. We know it was a woman who had been attached to the Will Vinton studios. Some have suggested Joanna Priestley; others have named Joan Gratz. We have actually tried to contact both, with no success so far. We really, really love these puppets, and want to give credit where it is due. So please! Can anyone help? Joanna? Joan? Which one of these incredibly talented women? Both? We’d be ever so grateful.

And meanwhile, of course, we will see you in the theatre! (Oh yes, it’s all starting up again!! Hurrah!)

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