Drammy Awards still celebrating the old and the new, and finding (un)canny resemblances!!!

Sam Maury Drammy


December 25 may have come and gone, but we Drammaholics are still scurrying from Christmas Show to Christmas show with joy in our hearts and awards on our minds! So as we are still in the middle of the 12 day festivities,  we feel it quite appropriate to make a Yuletide observation! Don’t you think that this splendid old puppet is very like the person who won it?  Yes, dear hearts! This is beloved Portland Actor Sam Mowry’s award from way back in 1985, when he won supporting actor for Short Eyes! Some of us remember it well, and with affection! Great job, Sam!

What do you think, folks? Do you get the award that most resembles you? Or do you grow to resemble your award, as is said to happen with pets? Or am I over-influenced by Sam’s recent performance activities, as illustrated below (stolen…so far with impunity… from his Facebook page)? Whatever the case, the pictures are wonderful. Thank you, Santa Sam!

Happy continued holidays to all!

sam as santa


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