Drammy awards (temporarily) eschews the Three Cs, and All About Us

PCS snacks-bmp[1]

Over here at Drammy Towers, we are almost as health-conscious as we are theatre-aware. So for the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, THIS writer for one has sworn to ESchew, rather than CHEW, the Three Cs…Cakes, Candies, and Cookies. The resolution was prompted in part because (time for the sensitive to shield eyes and ears) one’s tummy has a tendency to smile up at one, when one bathes. You know what I mean? Plus one’s blood sugar was a tad high at a recent doctor visit, and the meddling physician has suggested that sugars and starches should be foresworn, at least for a while (No blondies! No ice-cream sandwiches! No lavender shortbread! No squirrel bars!…The list is long and succulent, alas).

This makes it extremely difficult to continue with the Drammy Rogue Snack Awards.  But worry not! For other committee members are also sampling, and are trimmer and less sugary (less sweet?) to start with.  But oh! how hard it is to resist displays such as the one in the Armory Cafe, on visits to PCS! Of course, the BEST, er,  snack at Portland Center Stage is the martini prepared especially and individually at the bar. One would never, however (waxing poetic!) stoop to imbibing wines, beers, or spirits (not even CHRISTMAS spirits!) before experiencing a show in Drammy capacity, whether on the Gerding Theatre Main Stage, or in the Ellyn Bye studio.  Never, no how, not bloody likely! But afterwards? Or when NOT in a Drammy capacity? Hmmm. Let me think…!

Seriously, folks.  There are some lovely treats in the cabinet at that corner cafe.  In our present state, we were glad some items were covered in cellophane. And the things that weren’t? We managed to snap a picture before our drool covered the Assorted Cheesecakes, the Caramel Almond Brownies, the Chocolate Torte…Need I say more?  I should stop writing before the Front of House folks realize who it was that spackled the glass case in lustful spittle. So…these items join the ranks of nominees just for LOOKING GOOD. Anyone with experience, please feel free to let us know how they actually taste.

Meanwhile, in more important (could anything be more important?) matters, you will note that we have revised our “About” page to reflect the news concerning nominations, which will pertain for the ceremony in 2014.  We promise to continue work on that page, to make it smoother and slicker by the New Year, when all the new rules come into effect.  But you can let us know right now, if you have questions or comments.  Remember to sign up to our email list if you want to join the 250 or so folks who get important news delivered right to their in-boxes (this will be important when it comes to table or ad sales next year). Or follow our blog for THESE posts to come to you directly.

See you in the theater! (I will be the one with the frowning forehead but smiling tummy, gazing longingly at the snacks).

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