Drammy Awards, Another Wonderful Puppet, and a New Meeting

Marilyn, Drammy, Whole

 Marilyn Drammy 1


Just when you think there can be no more of those wonderful early Drammy Awards puppets (really Willy Awards) out there, along comes another one. Oh, how I wish we still had them! Marilyn Stacey has sent along these fine pictures of hers, seen first in full, and then in its glorious details. Here are two more views.

Marilyn Drammy 1

You see from the inscription that Marilyn took this award back in 1988-1989 for Best Actress in Never in My Lifetime.  Will we see their like again? Probably never in mine.

Marilyn Drammy 4, inscription, jpg

Meanwhile, in other, more up-to-date news, our second session meeting for this season will happen next Monday evening, November 25, in the luxurious offices of Tonkon Torp (our thanks to them again). So watch this space for news of the plays we discuss. We will post the list sometime during Thanksgiving week (certainly by the weekend), along with any other procedural news from decisions made at that time.

You can click here to be reminded of the plays we discussed last time, and here and here for the procedural changes determined at the end of our first session.

See you at the theater! There’s a lot going on!

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