Drammy Awards: the Long and the Short of it!


“90 minutes, no intermission,” my favorite words in the English language.’ Thus spake The Portland Mercury’s Alison Hallett today on her Twitter feed.

We Drammarians have certainly noticed how many productions run without interval these days. Right now in Portland I’d probably need both hands to count the shows that range in length from 60 to 120 minutes (Yes! Two full hours!) without allowing audience members a bathroom break. And funnily enough, a few of us were discussing this very trend just yesterday evening, with as many subtle shades of opinion as there were interlocutors (rather like our general Drammy meetings!)

Personally, I am with Ms Hallett on this one. Not only do these seamless shows either (1) get me home early, or (2) allow me to go for a drink with my chums afterwards, or (3) enable me to catch a second, late-starting show (there are a lot of those around too), they really help me to focus on the work at hand, in all its aspects. Although I love live theater whatever form it takes, or in however many segments it presents itself to me, I don’t particularly relish the pleasure interruptus feel of that break in the action, even though it enables me to sample more delicious snacks.

But many of my colleagues disagree. I wonder what you all think? To break or not to break? That is the question for today.

And speaking of snacks (yes, that was the longest lead known to man or woman), today’s photograph, once again snapped by the talented Tim Stapleton, is of the delectable squirrel bars offered at the Backstage space on SE Hawthorne, home to defunkt theatre in particular, and to other companies from time to time. Right now these delights are not only supremely nutty, they are also enriched with cherries and chocolate, perhaps for the holiday season?

Of course this nomination is a bit of a cheat, because the goodies at Backstage are really offered by Common Grounds, the coffee house that is a front for defunkt’s (and others’) dramatic activities. But as I make up these rules as I go along, I don’t care!  So try them! They are fabulous.

And they are filling enough to get you through the longest, intermission-free show you can imagine, without once feeling a pang of hunger. The nuts enhance concentration and focus too. It’s a combination not to be missed.

See you at the theatre! But maybe not during an intermission.


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