Drammy Awards Trifles with Truffles



We just can’t keep up with our Drammy Awards Rogue pre-show snack nominations! We have tons (well, three or four more) already on file. And we don’t want to publish posts too often in case, Dear Readers (all three of you), you tire of us. Seems there are almost as many wonderful theater nibbles as there are shows.  And there are unquestionably a LOT of shows. This writer will have well exceeded BEFORE CHRISTMAS the requisite 52 shows per year we are all committed to attend. And I am willing to bet a trophy or two that I am far from being the committee member with the most shows under the belt. Lucky us, of course. Though I have to say that sampling all these treats (as of course I am bound to do!) makes me a likely candidate to play a jolly, rotund, gender-bent Santa this year. (My fellow members may have more SHOWS under their belt, but MY belt no longer fits).

Anyhoo. Today we feature some of the delicacies offered at Broadway Rose. I have to admit that truffles are a bit upmarket for my personal taste (I am a $1 Lakewood ice-cream bar kind of a gal, or at most an Artists Rep Blondie, in terms of sophistication). But my lovely fellow-committee member Tim Stapleton is a man of discerning palate (he also took this excellent photograph, which is way beyond my skill set) and he hooked me up with one of these amazing Marionberry offerings on a recent trip to Tigard. These truffles are locally made, and really melt in the mouth. So try one, do.  And then you will be able to vote at the end of the season and make sure that…absolutely nothing happens as it’s all a bit of fun.

Please do feel free to send pictures and descriptions of snacks you sample and enjoy, or of snacks offered by your theaters if you think I am missing something. I do have a stack on file, as I say, but your pictures may well (will certainly) be better than mine.

See you at the theater! It will be easy to recognize me. I am the one noshing on the yummy stuff before the show, with all my coat buttons popping.

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