Drammy Awards…we miss those Puppets!

Brenda Drammy two-bmp[1]

I know the current Drammy awards are quite lovely, of course. But how we wish, wish, WISH we could still give out those wonderful puppets! We are grateful to Brenda Hubbard for this charming fellow.  Brenda won him for Outstanding Direction, back in 1987-87, for her work on Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? starring Allen Nause and Dee Dee Van Zyl. That was back in the day when Portland Rep was still actually Willamette Rep. Where did the time go?

We have another set of puppet photos that we will show soon. Please do remember to send picture of all and any awards you have, particularly in context. It is such fun to see where these glorious creations live now.

See you are the theatre!

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