Drammy Awards: Theatre Companies Considered in 2012-2013


A couple of days ago, I mentioned being struck by how few professional or semi-professional theatres there are in Newcastle upon Tyne (4 or 5), which is nevertheless a splendidly theatre/arts/culture-friendly city (in the northeast of England).

Just to give you an idea of the difference, here is the list of theatres that were covered by the Drammy Committee for last year’s awards:

Artists Repertory Theatre
Bad Badger Productions
Bad Reputation Productions
Book of Dreams
Broadway Rose Theatre Company
Circle Theatre
Clackamas Repertory Theatre * (see below)
CoHo Productions
Corrib Theatre
Dance Naked Productions
Dean and Cox
Dean, Cox, &Waters
defunkt theatre
Andrew Fridae
Fuse Theatre Ensemble
Hand2Mouth Theatre
Hellfire Productions
JANE: a theater company
Lakewood Theatre Company
Lights Up! Productions
Lunacy Stageworks
Miracle Theatre Group
Mock’s Crest Productions
Murray and Walsh
No Social Life Theatre
Northwest Children’s Theater
Northwest Classical Theatre Company
Oregon Children’s Theatre
Pixie Dust Productions
Playwrights West
Portland Actors Ensemble
Portland Center Stage
Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble (PETE)
Portland Playhouse
Portland Shakespeare Project
Post5 Theatre
Profile Theatre Project
Quintessence Language and Imagination Theatre
Shaking the Tree Studio
Sowelu Theater
Stumptown Stages
Tears of Joy Theatre
The 3rd Floor
The Factory Company
The Reformers
Theatre Now
Theatre Vertigo
Third Eye Theatre
Third Rail Repertory Theatre
Tightrope Theatre
Triangle Productions
Twilight Repertory Theatre

*Please note that Clackamas Repertory Theatre itself is not included in our regular theatre coverage, being outside our Drammy purview (Portland proper). CRT was, however, the producer of Tobias Anderson’s one-man show (Illustrated Bradbury) which was staged at Theater! Theatre! in the former Profile space.

I think that’s 54 companies in all, right? I’ve counted several times and I’m still not sure! Granted, a handful of these companies are quite small, and perhaps only put on one show, and may not offer productions every year. But already this season we have added (or will add, at least on a trial basis, or are considering adding) companies that might well take the place of some who don’t put in an appearance this year.  Here are a few that are already on the radar; there will be more:

North End Players

Portland Revels


Salt and Sage

The Playmakers

Meanwhile, up in Seattle, the Gregory Awards (now in their Fifth Year, I think) are considering productions from 36 theatre companies.

Interesting, no? Why does Portland have so many companies? Fun for us to go to them all, of course. But is this a particularly Puddletown phenomenon? I’d love to know.

See you soon, at (one of) the (many Portland) theatre (s)!

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