Drammy Awards Kudos


Well, we are a day late and several currencies short, but here (temporarily) in the European Office of Drammy Towers, we want to give big props to Barry Johnson, Bob Hicks, and a bunch of other fine folk over at Oregon Arts Watch, who are now providing daily news and updates on the cultural scene here in this lovely state, including of course the inspired and inspiring live theatre of our beloved Portland. So kudos to you fine Arts Watchers! We can’t help but mourn the fact that you are, at least in part, acting to fill the cultural coverage void left by the much-reduced (in all ways) Oregonian. But you will more than fill the empty vessel; you will transform it to a horn of plenty (I don’t think I mixed that metaphor TOO much, did I? I’m a tad jetlagged). So thank you!

If any readers of THIS blog don’t already follow ArtsWatch, please consider doing so now. We have a link at the bottom of the page, under the heading of “Blogs I Follow.” That, along with the other blog we follow, and namely Portland Theatre Scene, which complements the former in many ways (short and pithy 50 word reviews as opposed to long and detailed essays), are invaluable. Both cover rather more than live theatre in this city, but both cover live theatre in this city WELL. And while we don’t always agree with their opinions (it would be so boring if we did!), we always find food for thought, and learn from their insights, observations, and conclusions.

So we do recommend that you follow them. And while you are at it, do follow this blog too! You just have to click on that little “follow” button, and you’ll have us in your inbox whenever we write. Unlike both those bigger chaps, we plan to write infrequently…once a week or so at most? Wouldn’t you like that? Think about it, okay?

And meanwhile, we will see you at the theatre!

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